Shaniqua Okowk and Jodi May star in BBC One’s ‘Small Axe’!

You can catch Shaniqua in episode ‘Lovers Rock’:

Lovers Rock

Sunday 22 November

Despite being the Caribbean soundtrack of the Sixties and Seventies, “lovers rock”, the romantic love child of reggae and soul, rarely pops up in British cinema. McQueen’s second film in the series, named after the sensual genre, is changing this. Lovers Rock follows the fictional story of young love at a 1980s “blues party” – a type of house party that became popular in black communities due to racism on the clubbing scene.”


You can catch Jodi in episode ‘Mangrove’:


Sunday 15 November

The series opener, which will be broadcast on Sunday, centres on the true story of Frank Crichlow, who owns a Caribbean restaurant in Notting Hill called Mangrove. Like most black-owned businesses in racist 1970s society, Crichlow’s restaurant isn’t just a place to eat, but an important community hub for black locals, intellectuals and activists. But the business is subject to relentless police raids – so one day Crichlow and his friends decide to take to the streets and protest the racism so blatantly targeted at their community. This takes our protagonists to the courts, with nine people being arrested and charged with incitement to riot and affray.”


Watch or catch up on episode here and see the trailer below!