Our very talented Sarah Lancashire leads the cast in new Channel 4 drama, where a Welsh town is broken and torn.

The show sees Polly (Sarah Lancashire) as the wife of a politician, pushing for a large construction which will benefit the small town where they live in Wales.

Drama unfolds as tragedy strikes, with the construction explodes and collapses, killing multiple members of the community including children. The town begins to fall apart after such devastating loss.

Polly and her husband struggle to come to terms with their daughter, now having a life long disability after she broke into the construction site on the day of the explosion.

The small-town crumbles as anger and devastation tears the community apart, Polly must stand strong and try to discover what really happened at the accident – no matter how painful to uncover.


The series begins on Channel 4 at 9pm, October 24th – watch the trailer here!