Sarah Douglas returns as Mrs. Averill in ‘A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby’ on Netflix December 5th.

“The movie will revolve around Queen Amber (Rose Mclver) and King Richard’s (Ben Lamb) preparation to prepare for their first Royal baby. Their preparations will also collided with their attempt to revive a 600-year old sacred truce where they will have to host King and queen of Penglia. King Tai, played by Kevin Shen and Queen Ming (Played by Momo Yeung). A snowstorm on the eve of Christmas will however play the spoilsport as the priceless treaty will go missing compromising the peace as an ancient curse will loom on the kingdom. Amber will be left with a few hours until midnight to find out the thief to save her kingdom and family.”

What’s happened in the previous two films?

“A Christmas Prince, the original movie in what is now about to become a trilogy, came out in November 2017 and promptly became a viral success.

It tells the story of American journalist Amber, who gets sent out on assignment to write a profile of Prince Richard, the future ruler of the fictitious European nation of Aldovia – and naturally, ends up posing as a private tutor to conduct her investigation undercover, while slowly but surely falling in love with the royal.

Its sequel, A Christmas Price: The Royal Wedding, followed in November 2018.

In this instalment, Amber prepares to marry Richard and struggles to continue living her life on her own terms while coping with the demands of her new existence as a royal.”