Ruby Ahsbourne Serkis, Andy Serkis and Kris Hitchen star in Netflix’s new coming-of-age story ‘The Letter for The King’!

“A ruthless prince threatens to plunge the world into eternal darkness, so Tiuri embarks on a perilous task to deliver a letter to the King. He travels across treacherous terrain to fulfil his quest which is the last salvation of the doomed kingdom.

The series looks to bring together all the mysticism and fantasy of classics such as The Sword in the Stone, alongside the darker characters and scenery of The Lord of the Rings.

With Tiuri’s journey taking him across the kingdom, this is a true coming of age tale. He discovers a prophecy, foretelling his fate as the defeater of the prince and saviour of realm.  Will he learn what it takes to become a leader and true knight?”

‘The Letter for The King’ will be streaming on Netflix from Friday 20th March!