Big Age, a comedy pilot from acclaimed writer Bolu Babalola and starring Racheal Ofori, will air on Friday 10th Sept on Channel 4, as part of the stations Black to Front day, highlighting black talent across all aspects of media.

Big Age follows a group of four young Black-British friends who are in the ‘big age’ era of their lives. With a backdrop of parental expectation, personal dreams and the crushing reality of maxed out credit cards and with the Nigerian phrase ’at your big age!’ ringing in their ears; it’s a quipped admonition that can be both loving and mocking, both commanding and encouraging – it is about growing up, stretching up, stepping up.

You can catch the show at 11.05pm, Friday 10th September on Channel 4 and on All 4 straight after.

To enquire about booking Racheal for voiceovers, contact or call 020 7287 2291