Our fantastic Phyllis Logan stars in ‘Downton Abbey’ the movie. She will reprise her character Mrs. Hughes, who has featured in the series from the beginning, as the newly wed housekeeper of Downton Abbey.


“It will be set in 1927 (a year on from the TV series’ finale) with the Great Depression looming and the Crawleys tightening their belts with their once large bevy of servants now diminished. The movie will see Carson the butler, played by Jim Carter, come out of retirement to try to restore glory to Downton, and Lady Mary will consider leaving the estate forever. However, luckily Anna Bates is on hand to attempt to convince her ladyship to stay. Meanwhile, Branson gets a new love interest, Mrs Patmore defends the honour of her kitchen from a royal invasion, and the Dowager Countess attempts to bend the knee. It’s quite something.”


Catch ‘Downton Abbey’ in cinemas on the 13th September! Be sure to watch the trailer here