Mark Monero stars in Alesha Harris’ ‘Is God Is’ in the Jerwood Theatre at The Royal Court.

Aleshea Harris’ award-winning play collides the ancient, the modern, the tragic, the Spaghetti Western, hip-hop and Afropunk.

“I wanna step on somethin for once. See what it feel like. Must feel good.”

When a letter arrives from the mother they thought was dead, 21 year old twins Racine and Anaia travel from the Dirty South to the California desert and a yellow house with teal shutters.

They are on a mission to avenge her past and ready to take down anyone who stands in their way.

“We ain’t killers”
“How you figure that? … Iss in the blood.”

Aleshea Harris’ revenge tale about two women seeking justice and taking control of their own narratives, has received the Relentless Award and Obie Award for Playwriting.

Is God Is opens at The Royal Court on Friday 10th September and runs until October 23rd. Tickets can be purchased here


To enquire about booking Mark for voiceovers, contact or call 020 7287 2291