The London Film Festival is not one to be missed this year, lots of films being showcased that star many of our incredibly talented artists.

“For 12 days from 2-13 October 2019 the LFF will celebrate the diverse landscape of international cinema, showcasing films set to entertain and inspire, provoke debate and tackle the urgent issues of our time.”


Susan Wokoma stars in ‘Love The Sinner’ playing on the 2nd and 4th October.

“11-year-old Joanna tries to understand grief for the first time when she witnesses her mother’s manic reaction to the death of Princess Diana, whilst trying to use the incident to get out of Sunday School.”

William Ash stars in ‘Perfect 10′ playing on the 3rd and 5th October.

“14-year-old Leigh lives with her neglectful father on the outskirts of Brighton. She’s a talented gymnast, training hard for her first competition despite her lack of confidence, some bitchy fellow gymnasts and little money to pay for her fees. When an older half-brother appears at her house one night, Leigh’s lonely existence is altered. Mistrust gradually transforms into exciting new feelings as Leigh receives the attention she craves. But she is also exposed to the thrill and danger of moped crime.”


Theo Barklem-Biggs stars in ‘Make Up’ playing on the 4th, 6th and 11th October.

“Teenager Ruth (Molly Windsor) travels to a seaside holiday park to stay with her boyfriend Tom. It’s off-season, so the resort is mostly deserted, except for a few residents and a handful of staff charged with sprucing up the place. Ruth gradually settles into her new environment, finding work and making a new friend in the form of make-up enthusiast Jade. But one afternoon, while giving Tom’s caravan a spring clean, Ruth finds evidence her beau might be cheating on her. As her desire to uncover the truth turns into an obsession, she begins to realise she might be looking for something else entirely.”

Alice Lowe stars in ‘Days of Bagnold Summer’ playing on the 5th, 6th and 7th October.

“Sue works in a library. Daniel eats crisps and listens to Metallica. This was the summer Daniel was due to spend with his father and his father’s new wife in Florida. But when they cancel his trip at the last minute, Sue and Daniel suddenly face the prospect of six long weeks together. An epic war of wills ensues in the unassuming battleground of their suburban home as they each reckon with private tragedies – and pursue their personal passions.”

Watch a clip from the film here.


Maxine Peake stars in ‘Be Still My Beating Heart’ playing on the 6th and 8th October.

“A nightmarish, contemporary vision. Two adult sisters exist dysfunctionally, each limited by illnesses affecting both body and mind – one physically and the other psychologically.”

Pippa Bennett-Warner stars in ‘Real’ playing on the 6th and 8th October.

“Omoshaybi’s deeply felt debut takes an honest look at young couple Jamie (Pippa Bennett-Warner) and Kyle (Omoshaybi), as they struggle to manage personal hardship at the start of their blossoming relationship. Jamie leads the charge with quiet tenacity as a mother determined to create a stable environment for her young son. In tandem, Kyle puts the need to battle his own demons on hold and is willing to beg, steal or borrow to impress his new love. The growing intimacy between the pair is captured beautifully through Omoshaybi’s naturalistic lens, offering a slice of British life that, despite its challenges, manages to glow.”

Catch a clip from the movie here.

Sadie Frost and Laurie Kynaston star in ‘Nocturnal’ playing on the 8th and 9th October.

“16-year-old schoolgirl Laurie lives alone with her single mother. Something of an outsider, the aspiring athlete struggles to connect with the other girls on her track team, distancing herself with a quietly combative demeanour. But Laurie can’t deflect the attention of Pete, a handyman in his 30s performing some odd jobs at her school. After a couple of curt interactions, Laurie eventually agrees to hang out with her new admirer and almost immediately a connection is apparent. As they spend more time together, a unique bond grows, yet Pete’s intentions remain ambiguous. Until one day the truth emerges.”


Alice Lowe stars in ‘Eternal Beauty’ playing on the 8th and 9th October.

“Jilted as a young woman on her wedding day, the outsider in a fragmented family and beset with anxieties both real and imaginary, June has a life of constant struggle. Pills offer a possible solution and her relationship with vagrant musician Mike might be another. But does the medication and even love just exacerbate June’s delusional state of mind?”


Jamie Blackley stars in ‘Greed’ playing on the 9th, 10th and 13th October.

Richard McCreadie is the king of the high street. Following a few wobbles with fraud investigations and to prove he’s still on top, he is determined to throw the ultimate celeb-filled 50th birthday bash. Cue a Mediterranean island bedecked with a fake amphitheatre for an ancient Rome-themed bacchanal. But as the guests start arriving – including mother, ex-wife, and a daughter who’s shooting a Made in Chelsea-style reality show – ‘greedy McCreadie’s’ empire starts to come apart at the seams.


Maxine Peake stars in ‘Fanny Lye Deliver’d’ playing on the 10th and 11th October. 

“On an isolated Shropshire farm in 1657, Fanny Lye lives a humble existence with her puritanical husband John and young son Arthur. But the daily routines of this God-fearing family are abruptly interrupted when they discover two strangers hiding in their barn, pleading for help. Claiming to have been robbed and left for dead, the young pair initially ingratiate themselves with their reluctant new hosts, although it is not long before their progressive ways begin to cause tensions. With hostilities brewing, the town’s sheriff pays a visit to the Lye estate in search of a pair of wanted outlaws, forcing the interlopers to reveal their criminal intentions. As the Lye’s are held hostage in their own home, Fanny’s world is turned upside down, leading her to doubt her tyrannical husband and the societal structures that dictate her life.”

Isabella Laughland stars in ‘Trigonometry’ playing on the 11th October. 

Ahead of broadcast, this is a chance to watch episodes one and two of BBC’s ‘Trigonometry’.

“Ray is an Olympian, a synchronised swimmer who at 30 still lives at home. She’s spent little time doing anything but training, and when an accident knocks her confidence, she becomes aware just how limiting her life choices look. Answering an ad for a lodger by a cash-strapped couple, Gemma and Kieran, she moves in. The three immediately clock an instant, electric attraction. It makes all of them very excited, but also very nervous.”


Montserrat Lombard and Antonia Campbell-Hughes star in ‘Rare Beasts’ playing on the 10th, 11th and 13th October.

“Mandy is a mother, a writer, a nihilist. Mandy is a modern woman in a crisis. Raising a son in the midst of a female revolution, mining the pain of her parents separation and professionally writing about a love that no longer exists, she falls upon a troubled man, Pete, who’s searching for a sense of worth, belonging and ‘restored’ Male identity.”


Ray Panthaki stars in ‘Official Secrets’ playing on the 10th, 11th and 13th October.

“As a government employee or contractor, is it ever right to leak state secrets? And when should an individual decide if this is in the national interest? These are the almost impossibly weighty questions faced by the subject of Gavin Hood’s Official Secrets, a political drama about Katharine Gun, an ordinary government contract worker faced with an extraordinary choice. In 2003, on the eve of the UK-US invasion of Iraq, Gun intercepted communications that revealed the UK was being asked to spy on UN Security Council Members to help influence votes sanctioning the invasion of Iraq. Knowing full well her legal responsibilities as an employee, Gun weighed up her duty as one trusted with national security, but also the risks to her own family’s security (her husband was a Muslim immigrant awaiting permanent residency status) and decided she must release this information for the national good.”

Watch the trailer here.


Cavan Clerkin stars in ‘Muscle’ playing on the 11th, 12th and 13th October.

“Simon is stuck in a rut. Consistently failing to meet targets at work, and clinging onto the tail end of a failing marriage, his only happiness is a cheeky pint down the boozer. Determined to make some changes, Simon takes the plunge and joins a no-frills bodybuilding gym. No sooner is he fumbling with the weightlifting equipment than hulking man-mountain Terry approaches with the offer of being his personal trainer. As Simon’s physical transformation begins, his gym buddy slowly infiltrates himself into all parts of his life, forcing Simon to question what Terry’s motivations really are.”

Kelly Campbell stars in ‘The Other Lamb’ playing on the 11th, 12th and 13th October.

“Selah was born into The Flock, a community of women and girls ruled over by Shepherd, the only male, and a seemingly benevolent but undisputed leader of the strictly regimented and isolated woodland settlement. Selah appears the most perfect of the faithful flock, until unsettling revelations see her devotion shaken. Already so impressive in The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Vox Lux, Raffey Cassidy is spectacular as Saleh, conveying bewilderment and terror, but also fierce defiance. Alongside her, Michiel Huisman makes a messianic, unnerving Shepherd, while Denise Gough represents the danger of a woman with worldly wisdom.”


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