Our brilliant Diarmaid Murtagh stars in Sky Original ‘Devils’!

“A stylish, sophisticated and topical international thriller starring Alessandro Borghi (Suburra) and Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy).  London, 2011. Massimo Ruggero, a charismatic and fearless Italian banker, has enjoyed a stellar winning streak on the London trading floor of investment powerhouse, NYL Bank. Massimo’s successes have seen him make hundreds of millions of dollars for his employers; and with it, all but certain promotion to vice-CEO. However, a scandal involving his drug-addicted wife puts a brake on Massimo’s ambitions, leading his American CEO, Dominic Morgan, to withdraw his support, as Massimo’s fiercest rival, Edward Stuart, seemingly waits in the wings. Massimo takes this rejection hard, and things go from bad to worse when Stuart suddenly dies, and Massimo becomes the prime suspect. Sensing that Dominic is hiding something, Massimo sets about clearing his name and finding out the truth behind who set him up. Working with his team and Sofia, a hacker-journalist working for a whistle-blowing website, Massimo discovers the death of his colleague is linked to a vast, political game plan, concealed behind the Strauss-Kahn scandal, the Libyan war, and the deepening European financial crisis. Caught in the middle of a covert, intercontinental war, and facing the Devils who rule the world’s fate from the shadows, Massimo must make a stark choice: join them, or bring them down.”

Stream ‘Devils’ from February 17th on Sky Atlantic and Now TV.