A new six part series for BBC1, “Our Zoo” is based on the inspiring real story of the Mottershead family who established Chester Zoo in the 1930s.
Frustrated by his family living in his parents’ cramped home above the family grocery store and tormented by his war trauma, George, played by Earache’s brilliant Lee Ingleby, decides to change his life and put a bit of beauty back into the world.

George changes his family’s lives forever as he formulates the idea of building the first British zoo without bars. Against the odds, he persuades the bank to lend him the money and manages to move his sceptical family into their new ramshackle house, but then is faced with the task of convincing the villagers to accept them.

It’s a race against time for the Mottersheads to build and open their zoo before the harsh winter sets in – or the bailiffs arrive!

The adventure starts on Wednesday 3rd September at 9pm on BBC1.