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Our kids department is home to a range of budding young voice over artists. From cheeky Yorkshire to streetwise London teens. These kids vary from pre-school to late teens so whatever you’re looking for, we have the young voice for you.

Equally at home voicing commercials, or animation, they’re talented, patient and a delight to work with.

To get some help with casting or to make a booking, call us on 020 7287 2291 or email

Please note, children under the age of 16 require a local authority licence. Please allow up to 10 working days for this to be arranged. 


Ruby Ashbourne Serkis

16+ Neutral | Expressive
National Treasure, Cider with Rosie
listen to Ruby

Ruby Barnhill

12-15, Northern | Chatty & Clever
Mary & the Witches Flower, The BFG
listen to Ruby

Nola Beckford

5-7, Northern | Young & Adorable
listen to Nola

Samara Clarke

16+ NORTHERN | Soft Yorkshire
listen to Samara

Emily Clays

16+ Neutral | Husky & Characterful
CITV promos & continuity, Eluveite Album
listen to Emily

Tallulah Conabeare

7-10, Neutral | Adorably sweet
Peppa Pig, The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales
listen to Tallulah

Lauren Drew

10-12, Neutral | Young & characterful
listen to Lauren

Baylee Frank

10-14, Neutral & American | Young & Bright
Zack & Quack II, Accomplished singer
listen to Baylee

Gabriella Gillespie

16+ NEUTRAL | Funny & Thoughtful
Doctor Who, The Numtums
listen to Gabriella

Lily Horn

6-8 | Characterful Northern
listen to Lily

Ruby Koopman

8-10, Northern | Young & Natural
listen to Ruby

Harriet Lamb

13-15, Neutral | Natural & Experienced
Shane the Chef (Milkshake!)
listen to Harriet

Molly Marsh

16+ Northern | Friendly & Warm
listen to Molly

Maisie Marsh

8-12, Northern | Happy & Confident
Woolly & Tig, Disney Channel Idents
listen to Maisie

Erin McManamon

12-14, Northern | Quirky & Distinctive
listen to Erin

Daisy Murray

12-15, Scottish | Beautifully Clear & Animated
Feston, NSPCC
listen to Daisy

Niah Nathaniel

12-14, NORTHERN | Warm Yorkshire
NSPCC, Justin & the Knights of Valour
listen to Niah

Louie-Loveday O’Brien

10-12, Neutral | Charming & Cute
The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales, Woolly & Tig
listen to Louie-Loveday

Romey O’Brien

4-6, London | Adorable & Cheeky
listen to Romey

Eden Ottman

16+ NORTHERN | Warm & Confident
Bancroft, Fred & Rose
listen to Eden

Gaia Ottman

12-15, NORTHERN | Charming & Gentle
Ella Bella Bingo, NSPCC, Hear the Doors
listen to Gaia

Harriet Perring

13-15, NEUTRAL | Bright & clear
Shane the Chef, Ploey Flying the Nest, Peter Rabbit, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Bubbleguppies
listen to Harriet

Lola Shaw

8-10, Northern | Quirky & Sweet
listen to Lola

Cosima Shepherd-Jones

10-12, Neutral | Clear & Confident
listen to Cosima

Adali Strayer

7-10, Northern & American | Soft & Distinctive
listen to Adali

Neive Van Emmenis

8-10, Northern | Natural & Sweet
listen to Neive

Kaizer Akhtar

13-15, Neutral | Bright & Clever
Shane the Chef, Ploey Flying the Nest, Doctor Who, Baby Jake, Numtums, Honourable Woman
listen to Kaizer

Sonny Ashbourne Serkis

16+ Neutral | Charming London
The Casual Vacancy, The Boy in the Dress
listen to Sonny

Louis Ashbourne Serkis

13-15, NEUTRAL | Warm & Natural
The Kid Who Would be King, Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, Noddy, Mary & the Witches Flower
listen to Louis

Raphael Ashdown

8-10, Neutral | Cheeky & Cute
The Boy from Far Away
listen to Raphael

Reuben Bainbridge

10-13, Northern | Characterful
Wuthering Heights (R4), Woolly & Tig
listen to Reuben

Samuel Bottomley

16+, NORTHERN | Cool lad
Ackley Bridge, Jericho, Wolf Hall, Tyrannosaur, Sons of Liberty, Private Peaceful
listen to Samuel

Ethan Brooke

16+ AMERICAN | Upbeat & Witty
listen to Ethan

Noel Brooke

12-15, American | A great voice for animation!
listen to Noel

George Chequer

10-12, Neutral | Gentle & Bright
listen to George

Ollie Chequer

8-10, Neutral | Young & Sweet
Hey Duggee
listen to Ollie

William Clays

12-14, Neutral | Husky & Bright
Shane the Chef (Milkshake!)
listen to William

Oliver Clement

16+ NEUTRAL | Confidently natural
Top Gear, Nulepsy, The Chimes
listen to Oliver

Billy Duncalf

6-8, Neutral | Natural & Characterful
listen to Billy

Lincoln Fagborun

6-8, Northern | Cute & Quirky
listen to Lincoln

Ashton Frank

16+ Neutral & American | Chatty Teen
Disney Channel, Nick Jnr, SyFy Channel
listen to Ashton

William Gibbs

16 + Northern | Charismatic Teenager
listen to William

Sami Kiani

10-12, Northern | Light & Bright
Highway Rat
listen to Sami

Eden Lawrence

6-8, Northern | Light & Young
listen to Eden

Tayler Marshall

16+ London | talented teenager
The Great War, Doctor Who: Damaged Goods, Justin & the Knights of Valour, My Family
listen to Tayler

Ev McDermott

14-16, NORTHERN | Cool & Confident
The Lingo Show, Ella Bella Bingo
listen to Ev

Alexander Molony

9-12, Neutral | Smart & Distinctive
The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales, Claude, Raa Raa
listen to Alexander

Edward Molony

7-10, Neutral | Cheeky & Quirky
listen to Edward

Jaimie Moore

10-12, Light Northern | Expressive & fun
listen to Jaimie

Reuben Nathaniel

6-8 Northern | Young & Gentle
listen to Reuben

Iggy O’Brien

8-10 Neutral | Characterful
listen to Iggy

William Perring

12-14, Neutral | Smart & Engaging
listen to William

Reece Pockney

13-15, Neutral | Warm & Chatty
Hilda, Kazoops!, Loaded, Thunderbirds are Go, Catastrophe, Call the Midwife, The White Queen
listen to Reece

George Ravenscroft

8-10 Northern | Clear & Engaging
listen to George

Thomas Valerio

8-10, Neutral | Young & Smart
listen to Thomas

Jem Windridge-France

12-14, Northern | Characterful Yorkshire
Hank Zipzer
listen to Jem