When eighteen-year old Victoria becomes Queen, her mother the Duchess of Kent, led by her advisor, Conroy, circle around the young monarch, itching to seize power.

Hating Conroy and exasperated by her mother’s dependence on him, Victoria shuns them both and copes with the unknown with the help of her Prime Minister Lord Melbourne. They are enchanted by each other: Victoria by the older man’s erudite wisdom, and he by the young Queen’s irresistible guilelessness. Gossip erupts over the closeness of their relationship and Melbourne, fearing scandal, retreats, leaving Victoria prey to Conroy, who seizes the chance to take control and undermine the Queen.

The wonderful Anna Wilson-Jones, plays Emma Portman, one of Melbourne’s most trusted confidants. Successfully using her friendship with the Prime Minister to secure a place as Victoria’s Lady-In-Waiting, she observes the growing attachment between Victoria and Melbourne with an equal measure of delight and dismay…

Also look out for the hilarious Tom Price as the Duke of Sutherland, a Whig MP and great friend of Melbourne.

“Victoria” starts on Sunday 28th August, 9pm on ITV1.