Will Shakespeare is a man desperately balancing the competing claims of a busy family life in Stratford and trying to become the greatest writer of all time in London..

He has to contend with the sneering rivalry of Robert Greene and the demands of having to churn out hits for a theatre company full of needy egos, while at the same time facing one hell of a commute, back and forth to see the family in Stratford-upon-Avon. To make matters worse he has to contend with the Tudor public transport system that is almost as bad as the one we have today.

Helping him keep it all together are his servant Bottom, played by hilarious stand up comedian Rob Rouse, his friend and would-be actress Kate and his dashing and not terribly trustworthy best friend Kit Marlowe…

Catch Rob in the return of Ben Elton’s historical sitcom from Monday 11th Sept, 08.30pm, BBC2.