Our amazing Tom Basden stars in Season 5 of ‘Plebs’!

“The fifth season of Plebs will premiere on ITV2 on Monday September 30th at 10pm with a double-bill, it has been announced. Created by Sam Leifer and Tom Basden, Plebs is set in Ancient Rome and follows three under achievers, all of whom are on a desperate quest to live the ‘when in Rome’ mantra to the full in the empire’s most exciting city.”

Tom will return as his character Aurelius who, “is the water boy at Flavia’s office, although he does try to insist on being called the ‘water man’. No matter, as it seems Flavia can never remember his name anyway.

One of the roles Aurelius must undertake is to supply water to Marcus and Stylax whilst they’re working. This inevitably always leads to conflict… he’s still trying to get over the fact the duo broke his water jug.”

Watch the trailer here!