Adapted from Len Deighton’s 1978 alternate history novel, “SS-GB” is a complex thriller focusing on British Detective Douglas Archer.

Forced to work under the brutal SS in occupied London, Archer is determined to continue to do his job in the service of his country, but against impossible odds.

When investigating what appears to be a simple black market murder, Archer is dragged into a much darker and more treacherous world where the stakes are as high as the ultimate outcome of the war. The elusive American journalist Barbara Barga may hold the key – but can he trust her?

And when his lover Sylvia endangers her life by bravely making a stand against the oppressive regime, Archer is forced to confront a deeper dilemma. Can he carry out his duty to defend law and order when he is working for the wrong side? What is he willing to risk in the fight against fascism?

Earache’s superb Christina Cole plays Mrs Sheenan and Louis Ashbourne Serkis is little Douggie Archer.

“SS-GB” starts on Sunday 19th Feb, 9pm, BBc1