Ulrike and Michael are the successful couple with a stylish apartment and just the right sort of middle class jobs.

She’s assistant to a bizarre conceptual artist called Serge Haulupa. Michael is a doctor with ambitions to go and save the sick in deepest Africa, but for the fact that he’s afraid of catching an exotic disease from poor people.

They can’t cope with the basics of daily life or even feed their teenage son Vincent and so they employ Jessica to clean up their mess, alternately patronising and confiding in her the most intimate details of their life.

Things come to a head when Haulupa – who adopts Jessica as his muse – invites himself round to make art out of dinner. Mayhem follows and the artist emerges from the emotional wreckage as triumphant creator of a conceptual work in which we, the audience, have been participants.

Catch the wonderful Steve John Shepherd as Haulupa in  ‘Plastic’.

At the Theatre Royal Bath until 25th March