It’s the first day at the newly integrated school, Ackley Bridge College, and best friends and neighbours Missy and Nas are now attending the same school for the very first time. Nas’ more conservative school friends take against Missy. Nas sides with her school friends and Missy, fuelled by anger, decides to play dangerous liaisons.

Elsewhere Head teacher Mandy has problems of her own and puts her husband, PE teacher Steve, in charge of troubled pupil Jordan, but Jordan might prove too much for him to handle.

Played by Earache’s super talented young actor Samuel Bottomley, Jordan is the naughty kid in school, a contemptuous wind-up merchant; he isn’t fazed at the thought of getting into trouble or afraid to push his luck. He’s bright, but thinks school is pointless: why play the game and work your butt off to get qualifications, when there are no opportunities for kids in town? Jordan has fire in his belly, he’s a constant thorn in big brother Cory’s side and a headache for his father…

‘Ackley Bridge’ starts on Wednesday 7th June, 8pm on Channel 4