In a bid to disguise her sexuality, Nas has agreed to a sham engagement with Naveed – who is also in the closet. But, reeling from the discovery of a family secret, she struggles to continue the lie and emotions run high at the family engagement dinner.

Mandy is under pressure from Sadiq as both the Year 7 intake and exam results have plummeted, forcing her to instigate a strict academic regime that causes uproar among staff and students alike. Emma and Mandy’s friendship is tested when they clash over the decision and Emma allows the students to protest.

Elsewhere, it’s the day of Sami’s wedding and Emma struggles to hide her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Missy and Nas cause trouble for Jordan, played by Earache’s superb Samuel Bottomley, when they steal his drugs money whilst in disguise…

Catch Samuel in “Ackley Bridge” on Channel 4 from 5th June.