In 1994, a toddler disappeared from a small Welsh village, never to be seen again.

Twenty three years later, in London, the mother of rising cello star Matilda Gray commits suicide, without apparent reason.

Among her possessions, Matilda discovers tantalising evidence that links her mother to the Welsh girl’s disappearance all those years ago.

And so grief-stricken Matilda travels to Wales, determined to explore this mystery, even if it means unraveling her own identity. In the process, she uncovers long buried secrets in this remote community – including one secret more bizarre, terrifying and dangerous than anything she could have imagined.

Earache’s superb Claire Rushbrook is Rose Morgan; a bright, beautiful and charismatic soul who seemed to have it all. But the tragedy of losing her daughter Carys has derailed her entire life, destroying her first marriage, and very nearly destroying her…

Watch Claire in “Requiem” from Friday 2nd February, 9pm, BBC1