London, present day. The Herald, a left-leaning broadsheet struggling to adapt to the age of digital news, and The Post, a thriving populist tabloid, occupy buildings in the same square.

At The Herald, Deputy News Editor Holly Evans is tasked with giving Wendy Bolt, a controversial right-wing commentator and media personality, a tour of the office when she is itching to get back to a story lead she is following: the death of a young woman, Andrea Reed, following a hit and run by a police car.

At The Post, Oxford graduate Ed Washburn, played by Earache’s phenomenal Paapa Essiedu, is given his first ‘death knock’, interviewing the parents of Shawn Kingsley, a footballer who has committed suicide. When details emerge about Kingsley’s private life that prompt his distraught parents to withdraw the interview, Ed comes under pressure to run the story against their will…

See Paapa in ‘Press’ from 6th Sept, 9pm on BBC1.