Earache’s mega talented Sarah Lancashire and Pippa Bennett-Warner star in “MotherFatherSon”, a new eight-part drama written by Tom Rob Smith for BBC Two.

US-born Max is at the heart of British politics and power, owner of a media empire that includes newspapers and television stations. His aristocratic ex-wife Kathryn has been frozen out of the family and spends her days working at a homeless shelter.

Their son, Caden, is at the heart of Max’s operation, editing broadsheet newspaper The National Reporter – but he’s out of his depth and the strain is showing. When Caden suffers a catastrophic breakdown, the fragmented family is pulled back together…

Don’t miss Pippa as Max’s senior executive and advisor Lauren and Sarah as Angela Howard, MP and Leader of the opposition.

“MotherFatherSon” starts on 6th March, 9pm, BBC2.