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See New Artist Theo Barklem-Biggs in “The Festival”
Theo Barklem-Biggs | Earache Voices
August 2018 read more +
Comedy partners Alice Lowe & Steve Oram are in new C4 comedy “Hang Ups”
Steve Oram in "Hang Ups"
August 2018 read more +
Kerry Howard holds court in new comedy “Judge Romesh”
Kerry Howard in "Judge Romesh"
August 2018 read more +
Catch some of Earache’s comedy talent at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Lucy Porter: Pass It On
August 2018 read more +
Earache Kids are in new film “The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales” in Cinemas!
The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales
August 2018 read more +
Blake Harrison is in powerful new black comedy “End of the Pier” at the Park Theatre
Blake Harrison in "End of the Pier"
July 2018 read more +
James Quinn is in “Apostasy: one of the ’10 hottest films of summer 2018′
James Quinn in 'Apostasy'
July 2018 read more +
Rachael Stirling & Julie Graham star in “The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco”
Julie Graham & Rachael Stirling in "Bletchley Circle: San Francisco"
July 2018 read more +
Pippa Bennett-Warner is back in the star-studded dark comedy “Sick Note”
Pippa Bennett-Warner in "Sick Note"
read more +
Eve Myles stars in powerful BBC drama “Keeping Faith”
Eve Myles in 'Keeping Faith'
July 2018 read more +