The Inbetweeners might not be coming back, but new movie ‘The Festival’ from the show’s creator Iain Morris, is the next best thing.

After the Channel 4 hit and its spin-off movies nailed all of the adolescent rites of passage, including lads’ holidays and gap-year backpacking, this new spiritual sequel focuses on Nick going to his first festival.

Nick gets dumped by his girlfriend following his university graduation, has a meltdown in front of everyone, and is convinced his life his over. Shane, his best mate, plots to cheer up his pal with three days at a music festival, where they’re joined by “festival aficionado” Amy.

Don’t miss Earache’s newest artist, the brilliant, Theo Barklem-Biggs as Gordy Symonds.

“The Festival” is in Cinemas from 14th August.