Sue Perkins embarks on a life-changing journey up the Mekong, South East Asia’s greatest river, in this entertaining and illuminating series.

Known as the ‘Mother of Water’, the Mekong brings life to millions of people from the paddy fields of Vietnam to the mountains of the Tibetan Plateau. Sue Perkins’ extraordinary journey spans nearly 3,000 miles and explores lives and landscapes on the point of enormous change.

Across four episodes, Sue travels upstream through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and China, towards the Mekong’s source high in the Himalayan glacier. Sue begins her adventure in Vietnam, meeting traditional river people caught up in a new capitalist revolution, trying her hand as a noodle saleswoman at the Mekong Delta’s largest floating market and as a prawn farmer amongst Vietnam’s traditional paddy fields.

Don’t miss this fascinating series which starts this Sunday 9th Nov, 8pm on BBC2