Assisted and impeded in equal measure by henchmen Sam Simmons and Will Adamsdale, award winning comedian Mark Watson revives his quest to make some sort of sense of life, against the backdrop of a world that, in recent times, has come to seem even more peculiar than usual.

The tenacious trio take on some of human life’s central topics – family, spirituality, Scandinavia. Watson peddles his unique, high-octane stand-up while Simmons and Adamsdale chip in with interjections which include (but are not limited to) music, shopping lists, life advice, stunts, avant-garde offerings and divvy interactions.

Mark and his team consider work and play. How can we find the right balance between them? Do we get more out of life from flogging ourselves at the coalface, or messing about at the coalface, or do we not even have to go to the coalface at all?

Expect big laughs, controlled chaos and an attempt to answer the one question none of us can quite escape from – what exactly is going on?

“Mark Watson Talks A Bit About Life” starts on BBC Radio 4 from 23rd August.