Comedy favourite Lucy Porter is at the Soho Theatre with her acclaimed show “Consequences’; a heart-felt and hilarious performance, that includes personal revelation, political observation and general reflection.

Lucy has performed consistently popular solo shows for 15 years now – her first was in 2001 – although she had a quick break in the middle to pop out two children. Lucy is a familiar face from TV (QI, Insert Name Here) and has a voice that you’ll know if you listen to Radio 4 (The Unbelievable Truth, The Now Show, The News Quiz).

Since the 1990s, Lucy has been caught up in the dazzling world of showbiz, rubbing shoulders with big-name stars, from both the UK and Hollywood celebrity circuits. In ‘Consequences’ she ignores all that and shares her searing insights into life as a suburban mother of two, stalwart of the local pub quiz team, married to a giant with a passion for home-brewing.

We all sometimes ponder the road not taken, in this show Lucy examines the consequences of all the decisions she’s made over the years…

See Lucy at the Soho Theatre from 9th – 18th March.