The six-part aspirational family comedy, set in the 1970s, is loosely based on the memoirs of actress, writer and TV presenter Emma Kennedy.
Brenda, played by the inimitable Katherine Parkinson, is determined to be the first person on Jessop Square to throw a dinner party.

Giddy with possibilities, she invites best friends Tim, played by the wonderful Harry Peacock, and Jenny, and new neighbours the Palmers for an evening no-one will ever forget. Having never cooked anything other than an egg, Brenda quickly shifts all responsibility for the dinner party and cooking the lasagne on to husband Tony.

Emma is put out when arch-rival Julie gains control of the play fort – which nobody is allowed in to unless they know her secret whisper. Emma realizes that in order to wrestle control from her nemesis, she needs to create a secret whisper to end all secret whispers…

Catch Harry & Katherine in “The Kennedys” from Friday 2nd October, 9.30pm, BBC1