Based on Gerald Durrell’s trilogy of books, ‘The Durrells’ tells the story of Louisa, played by Earache’s fabulous Keeley Hawes, and her four spirited and unruly children, Larry , Leslie, Margo and Gerry as they start a new life in Corfu in the 1930s.

Louisa has made the decision to give up searching for love, choosing instead to focus on her family…Larry is furious over the reception of his last novel and Margo is bored out of her mind so has taken up soap sculpting as a hobby, whilst Gerry is trying his best to keep his animal family growing despite his mother’s best efforts.

However, it’s Leslie who Louisa is desperately worried about when she discovers that he is seeing three different girls… at the same time. With an imminent arrival from her Aunt, Louisa hopes that Hermione will be able to help set her children back on the straight and narrow.

Return to Corfu with ‘The Durrells’ from Sunday 18th March, 8pm on ITV1.