Oscar is a down-and-out actor with few successes to his name. Having given himself a year to break into his profession, he mostly knocks around with his oldest friend, Charlie and ends up waylaid by the same old problems: friendships, flings, and finding ultimate fulfilment.

Appalled to discover that he is the ‘chubby funny’ best friend type, Oscar is determined to change his fortunes. Oscar’s problem, though, is that he tends to blame everyone except himself.

Armed only with a streak of narcissism and a Christmas onesie, he risks losing the people closest to him as he navigates the woes of a quarter-life crisis…

See Earache’s brilliant Isabella Laughland, Alice Lowe and Anna Maxwell Martin in this original, hilarious and heartbreakingly self-aware look at millennial entitlement.

“Chubby Funny” is in Cinemas Now.