London 1763. Margaret Wells’ brothel is in a down-trodden area of the capital, but she’s making her move upwards, aiming to move her family and her girls and take a new house in the vibrant new area of Soho. Margaret is determined to take her piece of the wealth of this great city. She is hungry for success – even when her ambition begins to threaten everything she cares for.

Charlotte Wells is Margaret’s eldest daughter. Played by the wonderful Jessica Brown-Findlay, she is fashionable and beautiful, a London celebrity and ‘the meteor of the hour.’ She is a fiery and rebellious spirit who cannot buckle down to obey her keepers – so her relationships are all short lived. Her success is increasingly precarious, as Charlotte has a dangerous self-destructive streak.

Harriet Lennox, an American slave, played by the fabulous Pippa Bennett-Warner is living as a ‘wife’ to her owner Nathaniel; mother to two of his children. Her calm obedience hides a fiery nature and when circumstances leave her friendless on the streets, she determines to survive, how best she can…

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