Can love overcome fear? Can perseverance overcome ignorance and racism? What does it cost to belong? “Soon Gone: A Windrush Chronicle” challenges our collective understanding of what it means to be part of the Afro-Caribbean community in modern-day Britain.

As the only white person in her husband’s large family, Samantha Williams has had to counter racial assumptions from both his family and her own. It has not been easy, but she gives as good as she gets, and her father’s disapproval and casual racism towards Kev did not stop her marrying him.

In the wake of Stephen Lawrence’s murder in 1993, she is heartbroken by the killing, worried for her own children and acutely aware of how her black relations are looking to her for answers. For once, she questions her ability to balance both sides of the family and whether her love for Kev is enough…

Don’t miss Earache’s magnificent Montserrat Lombard as Samantha in ‘Soon Gone: A Windrush Chronicle’ on 19th February, BBC4