Growing up is never easy, especially when you’re in charge…

When their mother unexpectedly passes away, Dan and Toby become surrogate parents for their little brother Jamie. Dan is a sarcastic joker – an uptight ball of neuroticism, whilst Toby is a naïve sweetheart, as laid back as you can be, and with an eye for the ladies.

Their polar opposite ‘parenting’ styles are brought into sharp focus when handling a younger sibling who hasn’t said a word since their mum died. Thrust into a new world of responsibility, Dan and Toby are in over their heads.

Will Dan ever get the upper hand on his live wire work colleague Poppy, played by the wonderful Ellie Taylor…Will Toby get together with Jamie’s gorgeous school teacher Miss Pemberton? Will the boys get meddling Auntie Debbie off their backs? One thing’s for sure: the brothers only have each other to rely on since, well, that’s all they’ve got.

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