‘Detectorists’ follows the relationship between two friends who share a passion for metal detecting.

When Andy and Lance are together, they’re like an old married couple. They gripe at each other, but there is a true bond underneath. Each has their own slightly dysfunctional life, but together they dream of finding a priceless Saxon hoard that will cement their place in detecting history.

Life has moved on for them; still seeking gold in the fields and furrows of Essex while overlooking life’s treasures that lie beneath their noses. Lance now shares his flat with his daughter Kate and her messy friends; Andy has a job he hates and is trying to save money for his family while they all live with his disapproving mother-in-law.

Also keep an eye out for Simon Farnaby as Lance’s Detectorist nemesis “Garfunkel”…

‘Detectorists’ starts on Wednesday 8th Nov, 10pm, BBC4