Paul Abbott‘s award-winning Channel 4 series “No Offence” returns with the brilliant and unbreakable crime fighting family of Friday Street coppers.

The febrile atmosphere in Cinderly, an inner-city area of Manchester, ignites as the mayoral candidate anti-establishment, local girl-done-good politician Caroline McCoy goes head to head for the high-stakes electoral ward, with woolly liberal Mayor Kashif Hassan .

In their midst is the master puppeteer, mercenary Far Right fanatic Ralph Beckett, forcing Viv and the team to fight toe to toe as he wages his war on both the cops and culturally-vulnerable targets – with devastating consequences.

Don’t miss Earache’s BAFTA-nominated Claire Rushbrook who is the sharp new Superintendent Marilyn Merchant AND the fabulous Will Mellor who reprises his role as DC Spike Tanner.

From Thursday 13th Sept, 9pm, Channel 4