“Electric Dreams” is a sci-fi anthology series of ten epic ambitious and moving standalone episodes, each set in a different and unique world – some which lie in the far reaches of the universe and time and others which are much, much closer to home.

Each episode is inspired by one of Philip K. Dick’s renowned short stories and has been adapted by an incredible line up of leading British and American writers, actors and directors.

In Ep 2 “The Impossible Planet”, two disillusioned, disenchanted and indifferent space tourism employees who take up an elderly woman Irma’s request for a trip back to Earth… the existence of which is a long-debunked myth. She appears easily confused, plus she’s rich – so, for the right payment, what’s the harm in indulging her fantasies?

As the journey unfolds, however, their scam begins to eat away at them and they ultimately find themselves dealt a bittersweet surprise…

Christopher Staines stars as the voice of RB29, Irma’s very human-seeming robot companion on his last legs..

Don’t miss him in “The Impossible Planet” on Sunday 24th September, Channel 4 at 9pm