“Brief Encounters” is a frank, fresh and funny drama that focuses on four women striving to find happiness and fulfilment.

The six-part series is set during the Ann Summer party years of the early 80s and follows four unlikely entrepreneurs who begin to sell exotic lingerie, much to the dismay, and often delight, of their loved ones.

Steph, the shy mother of a young son, finds new confidence. Nita gains the support needed to run the household during her husband’s frequent arrests. Pauline finds an outlet for the stifling loneliness of her troubled marriage. Dawn uncovers the hope needed to realise her dreams after her mother’s death left her looking after her father and three brothers.

Look out for the wonderful Felicity Montagu as Steph’s Mum Joan in this fabulously funny new series!

“Brief Encounters” starts on Monday 4th July, 9pm on ITV1.