Two friends take opposing briefs in a rape case. The key witness is a woman whose life seems a world away from theirs. At home, their own lives begin to unravel as every version of the truth is challenged.

‘Consent’, Nina Raine’s powerful, painful, funny play sifts the evidence from every side and puts justice herself in the dock.

Barrister Ed and his wife Kitty, played by the magnificent Anna Maxwell-Martin, live in a half-unpacked Lewisham house with four-week-old Leo. The couple share champagne and quip about current cases with friends and fellow lawyers.

Ed has taken an opposing brief to his dull lawyer frenemy Tim. The trial and the men’s treatment of the vulnerable alleged victim Gayle will come back to haunt them. But it is only a foreshadow of what is to come, when Ed and Kitty’s marriage disintegrates and the questions of consent fall much closer to home…

See Anna in ‘Consent’ until 17th May.